Nose Correction

The operations are mostly performed under general anaesthesia. Operations vary from small procedures on the nasal tip to radical modifications of the nasal bodies with implants. The nose correction is a very gratifying operation as even small alterations can lead to a dramatically improved appearance.



The Procedure

The operations are mostly performed under local anaesthesia. The corrections are carried out after infiltration of an anaesthetic to prevent bleeding and discomfort and to facilitate tissue dissection. Dr. Blaschke prefers a so called closed approach, which does not leave external scars. On completion a splint is applied. You will be seen for regular checks by Dr. Blaschke and his team. The sutures are dissolvable. The splint is removed after 2 weeks. Some swelling can however persist for months. Social limitations are normally small and brief after nose surgery.

Surgeon’s Remarks

A nose correction should be just that: A correction. You should keep your nose and only change what disturbs you. The "Swedish" or "Dutch" noses, which are the staple of the illustrated papers, display a sad lack of respect for the individual anatomy.

Furthermore, overenthusiastic modifications of bone and soft tissue can lead to a loss of motility of the nasal muscles and impair your mimic expression.

It carries however a marked risk of vascular complications right down to blindness. Nasal filling should therefore be performed with extreme caution. 

An interesting new development is nasal fillers, the so-called `5 minutes nose job´!