Mouth and Lip

The mouth is in the direct field of vision, particularly whilst communicating. Even smallest asymmetries, volume deficits or wrinkles are highly visible.

A "gummy smile" is generated, when the upper lip moves too far up. If the distance between nose and upper lip stays too long, the mouth seems weak and immobile. The natural ageing process leads to shrinking and wrinkling around the lips. Functional deficits interfere with communication.


The Procedure

Shortening or lengthening of the distance between nose and upper lips are little invasive procedures with great effect. Fillers around the mouth and in the lips using diverse materials change the shape dramatically and have a very short recovery period. Local anaesthesia is sufficient, and you can be discharged shortly after the procedure.

There are various therapeutic options depending on the indication. You will be seen by Dr. Blaschke and his team for regular checks. Sutures will normally be removed within a week. Possible bruising and swelling will dissolve within 1-2 weeks. Overall postoperative limitations are small.

Surgeon’s Remarks

Operative interventions around the mouth are very effective but rare by comparison to a large number of filler and injection methods in this area. I find the use of fat particularly appealing, as it is your own material, hence non-allergenic, and as it is very pliable and long-lasting.