Medical Tourism in Cyprus

The term has a strange sound to it. Medicine is associated with pain and suffering, whereas tourism means fun and leisure. Worse, in the press and on news sites you find reports on backyard clinics with third world standards in Eastern Europe, Turkey or Thailand, on complications nobody cared about, and there is always the inevitable strenuous trip home. And all that for a few Pounds less!

It is therefore indispensable to have a very close look before you decide!

Cyprus is part of the European Union and very well established as a travel destination. The infrastructure reflects the fact that the Cypriots are amongst the wealthiest citizens of Europe. The private clinic offers hotel standard and as a mainly gynaecological and obstetric hospital, there is an emphasis on the wellbeing of female patients - and their most vulnerable offspring. All relevant medical specialities can be involved should the need arise. The hospital stay is followed by a holiday in a recommended hotel under the constant care of Dr Blaschke. And in the end, the close links to Northern Europe render the trip home reasonably stress free.

The most important aspect, however, is that the operation is performed by a German surgeon with decades of experience! Add the guaranteed discretion, the built-in holiday, and of course the markedly lower cost!

Please ask me, it is worth it! Welcome to Cyprus!