Liposuction / Liposculpture

Fat treatment is a highly efficient method to shape the body leaving virtually no external marks.

The fat is extracted through very small stab incisions, which tend to heal fast. They barely leave traces as the cannulae Dr. Blaschke uses, are as thin as ever possible. The superficial fat is identified and treated separately to enhance skin shrinkage around the reduced fat coat.


The Procedure

Dr. Blaschke combines the advantages of local and general anaesthesia by injecting a special solution into the target areas, once you are asleep. The solution provides pain and bleeding control and prepares the fat for suctioning. Therefore the anaesthetic can be light and postoperative pain is reduced. The deeper and more superficial layers are suctioned separately until the desired shape is achieved. At times fat will be reinjected to improve the result, the so-called `Liposculpture. There are no stitches. The wound dressings are waterproof so that you can shower after the operation. The recovery period is short, but most patients prefer to spend the first night in the hospital. You are seen by Dr. Blaschke and his team for regular checks. Compression garments should be worn for 3 weeks to enhance healing and shaping. As a rule, normal activities can be resumed within 5 days.

Frequently asked questions

Liposuction is an operation, even if only small amounts of fat are being removed. Driving would be dangerous and rest is mandatory after every surgical intervention.
Ultrasound and laser bring high energy directly to the fat cell, which leads to fat dissolution. Between treated and nontreated areas the energy becomes heat, which leads to a burn under the skin and associated shrinkage. It is questionable whether a burn injury means a true improvement on the less traumatic classical way.
Liposuction is an operation with potential risks. A careful preoperative assessment is therefore very important. Liposuction should be performed in proper hospitals like any other major surgery. And after liposuction to certain areas like the belly an overnight stay for observation is advisable.

The press is full of offers for "Lunchtime Liposuction" and the like. It is easily forgotten, that liposuction is a real operation with real risks. Therefore only smaller procedures should be done outside a hospital, and a proper anaesthetic administered by a proper anaesthetist is still the safest way to go.