Gynaecomastia – Male Breast

The `MOOB´ problem, male breasts and how we treat them

A real breast is a very embarrassing problem, particularly for young men. They feel limited on beaches or sports grounds and naturally in their sexual lives.

In most cases, the breasts consist of sheer fat without any glandular tissue. The remaining group has true breasts

Fat pads – a so-called pseudogynaecomastia - are common in obese males, in adolescents and in men over sixty.

A true gynaecomastia can be congenital or a sign of hormonally active disease. In most cases a thorough investigation of the cause is mandatory.

The Procedure

Fortunately, the majority of cases can be treated in a simple and little invasive way. We instil fluid, which contains local anaesthetic and adrenaline to prevent pain and bleeding. The fat is suctioned out with thin cannulae.

In case a true breast gland is present we can remove it through a small opening around the nipple. The resulting scar is virtually imperceptible. The now empty skin coat subsequently shrinks over time.

All methods of pain control can be employed from local anaesthesia with some sedation to general anaesthesia. The operation is quick and has virtually no side effects other than some swelling and discomfort.

A return to normal activities is almost immediately possible. We recommend wearing a compression garment over the breast for 3 weeks. Strenuous sports should be avoided for some time. Male breasts are an ever-increasing problem, we can offer a fast and reliable solution!