Forehead Lift

A youthful face is defined by open eyes, gently curved eyebrows and a smooth forehead.

Most conventional techniques lead to a raised hairline, which makes you look older, or a long scar. Dr. Blaschke´s preferred method keeps the hairline stable and leaves no visible scars.

forehead browlift

The Procedure

The operation can be performed under general or local anaesthesia. A short incision above the hairline allows safe access. The soft tissue of the forehead is freed, and the eye brows are elevated laterally. The new position is secured through little stab incisions. Small drains are inserted to allow any wound fluid to escape. Compression dressing is applied. You will normally spend one night under our care. The following morning the drains are removed. You are discharged with a light dressing. Dr. Blaschke and his team will see you for regular checks. Most bruising and swelling should disappear within 2 weeks.

Surgeon’s Remarks

The most important lift of the eyebrow complex is lateral. Therefore any surgical undermining should be done here, where nerve irritations are unlikely. The deep wrinkling over central forehead and upper nose is generated by muscles, which cannot be reliably surgically neutralized without excising them. That can lead to unsightly dents. I prefer paralyzing them by Botulinum Toxine, which is far less traumatic.