Fillers and Injections

Wrinkles can be treated by injections - Hyaluronic Acid, skin treatment - Platelet Rich Plasma, or dermal stimulation. If muscular activity is the cause like on the forehead, Botulinum toxin is the obvious choice. Emaciated faces (by ageing, excessive training, disease) can be treated with fat or more solid implants. For the repair of soft tissue defects on the extremities, fat is again the obvious choice.


The Procedure

Botulinum toxin infiltration, Hyaluronic Acid injection and dermis stimulation are outpatient therapies, which Dr. Blaschke performs regularly in his rooms.

Hyaluronic acid is still the workhorse in the treatment of wrinkles of any depth, from the fine lines around the lips to the deep nasolabial ones. Dr Blaschke is using HS increasingly to treat signs of skin ageing over the decollete.

The use of plasma for skin rejuvenation is now well established. Dr Blaschke is involved in expanding the indications with the treatment of alopecia and a variety of skin conditions. The effect of Platelet Rich Plasma takes time to manifest itself.

Fat transfer is done under local anaesthesia and sedation, The scope has widened over the years, and from a simple filler, fat has become a tool for rejuvenation as it is rich in hormones. Dr Blaschke uses it regularly for the treatment of acne and other scars, keloids, contractures and a whole array of problems.

Botulinum toxin takes about 3 - 4 days to have an effect, which will normally last around 4 - 6 months. Hyaluronic Acid will be metabolized depending on viscosity, structure and site within 4 - 12 months. Fat can last far longer but has to settle properly in the recipient site. Fat injection can lead to several days of bruising, whereas the other substances show very little side effects.

Surgeon’s Remarks

Forehead and laughing lines, hanging mouth, rhytids of the neck and nasal wrinkling are common fields of botulinum treatment, as performed regularly by Dr Blaschke. The use of botulinum has become widespread with even nonmedical practitioners offering injections. This can be problematic and has given the treatment a bit of a bad name, but in the hands of an experienced specialist, it is perfectly safe.

Frequently asked questions

Botulinum is indeed very toxic! We use however such small amounts for cosmetic treatments that any systemic effect is not measurable. Much larger quantities are being used in the treatments of spastic necks in infants and even more in the prevention of spontaneous contractions in paralysed patients.
It appears that paralysing the frown muscles removes the trigger for this type of headache in 30% of the cases. A further 30% of profits from injections into the temporal muscle.
Hyaluronic Acid is part of the matrix of the substance which links our body cells together. It appears that substances gained from bacteria or plants are not known to lead to any allergic reactions. There are rare instances of an allergy to animal-based HS.
Very fine lines cannot be treated with fat. They can be rendered less conspicuous by increasing the overall volume, for example in the lips. But for `finetuning´ HS is better suited. In areas, where true defects or deep folds or wrinkles are to be corrected, fat is the ideal material, as it is longlasting and for most people available in abundance.