Face and Neck Lift

A new way to change your face with short downtime and inconspicuous scar!

The natural ageing process makes the facial tissue descend forward and down. The cheeks lose their fat. The neck relaxes in deep folds, which are often aggravated by signs of sun damage.

An efficient lift repositions the soft tissues back to their old place and then adapts the skin to the modified undersurface. It furthermore addresses tissue loss by the injection of fat and reduces fatpads around the neck by gentle liposuction.

Dr. Blaschke's preferred method entails the safe fixation of relaxed tissue without pulling on the skin and thereby a short inconspicuous scar. There are far fewer risks and side effects than with conventional methods. The facial expression stays completely natural. After 2 weeks bruising and swelling should have abated.


The Procedure

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation. A solution is instilled to avoid bleeding and minimize postoperative discomfort. The incision is placed from behind the hairline in the temporal area down to the helical tip and in a skinfold in front of the ear ending just above the earlobe. After sparing skin preparation in a safe zone, which minimizes the risk of nerve injury, the lax subcutaneous tissues are fixed to a strong muscular fascia. Fine intracutaneous sutures close the facial skin. A thin drain allows safe removal of wound secretion. Fat will be removed from areas with unsightly fat deposits. Furthermore, fat will be injected into areas with volume loss. At the end of the operation, light dressings are applied. You will spend one to two nights under our care. The dressing is taken off after 2 days, the suture material is being removed within 5 to 7 days. After 2 weeks you should have no postoperative social limitations anymore.

Surgeon’s Remarks

Extensive scars, strong skin tension and the waxen aspect of undermined skin lead to the typical lifted look. The mouth displays a permanent smile, the earlobes are pulled forward, and the eyes are slanted, whereas the skin covers the face like parchment.

A discretely corrected face with a minimal scar can even deceive the most critical observer and leaves you just looking fresh. This is my preferred method.

Frequently asked questions

The modern lift as propagated by Dr Blaschke leaves the face completely mobile, and as there is no undermining or fixation around the mouth the mobility remains normal. At the same time, there is no stress on the angles of the mouth or the ear so their shape will be unaltered.
Dr Blaschke avoids cutting around the ear with his facelift, which makes the scar very short and hides it in a natural skin fold.
Dr Blaschke´s patients return after 2 weeks latest to their daily routines as incision and undermining are so limited.