Chin Plasty

The proportion of the face is determined by the harmonious relation of the lower third consisting of mouth and chin to midface and forehead. A long, broad, protruding or receding chin is associated with certain personality traits like "energetic" or "weak".

Implants or bony modifications are the options in forming the chin. Implants can elongate or broaden it, by resecting or remodelling bone the chin can be shaped in various ways.


The Procedure

The operations are performed under general anaesthesia. . The incision is in the oral mucosa. It is closed by resorbable sutures. There are no external scars. You will spend one night in hospital. Dr. Blaschke and his team will see you regularly for checks. Local swelling is possible, and the implants have to grow in to gain a stable position. Overall postoperative limitations are small. Recently the surgical interventions have been mostly replaced by simple Hyaluronic Acid injections, which have no downtime.

Surgeon’s Remarks

Even the slightest modification has a marked effect on the overall aspect of the face. In most cases a less invasive procedure like some liposuction under the chin or a Hyaluronic Acid injection leads to the desired look.