Breast Reduction

Dr. Blaschke's preferred method keeps the scars as short as ever as possible. With little tissue excess, the scar can be kept around he nipple, with bigger excess a vertical component is added. The inframammary horizontal scar is obsolete.

The removal of breast tissue is essentially in the lower half and laterally, which should preserve a full cleavage.

breast 3

The Procedure

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. Excess skin is removed around the nipple. The part of the gland situated below the nipple is partially or wholly removed. The remainder of the breast is reshaped and secured with sutures if necessary. The skin is closed in a pleating manner to achieve a short scar. A supportive dressing concludes the operation. After one or two nights in a private hospital under our care, you will be discharged with a light dressing and a special bra.

You are seen by Dr. Blaschke and his team for regular checks. All sutures should be removed within 10 days. You should be able to resume normal activities in a week's time, carrying and lifting must however be avoided for 3 weeks. The final shape should be reached after 3 months.

Surgeon’s Remarks

The internal shift of breast tissue under the position of greatest projection works like a natural implant and gives you a young shape with minimal scarring.

Frequently asked questions

The modern way, which I prefer, reduces the scar to the so-called `lollipop ´. There is no more unsightly horizontal line!
The method I use preserves a maximum of milkducts. Following studies, the overwhelming majority of women does indeed breastfeed afterwards.
With our method women report at times an intermittent numbness, which resolves with time.