Blepharoplasty / Eyelid correction

The correction of hooding and hanging eyebrows which can even impair your vision has a dramatically rejuvenating effect. The same applies to the treatment of puffy lower eyelids.

Dr. Blaschke puts great emphasis on subtle correction and scar avoidance. Lower lids will whenever possible be treated through the conjunctiva which leaves no external scar. Fat will rather be repositioned than removed, and thus "hollow eyes" and the "operated look" can be avoided.


The Procedure

The eyelids are operated under local anaesthesia with light sedation if necessary.

In the upper eyelid skin and - if required - muscle and fat are removed. The wound is closed by a fine intracutaneous suture.

In the lower eyelids, the fat excess is treated through the conjunctiva, whereby the fat is repositioned or gently removed. The conjunctiva is normally not sutured. Skin excess is treated through a well hidden subciliary incision. The closure is by very fine sutures. Over night the eyes should be cooled to control swelling.

Dr. Blaschke and his team will see you for regular checks. The sutures are removed within 3 - 5 days. Most bruising and swelling subsides within 2 weeks.

Surgeon’s Remarks

Prolonged lower lid swelling is rare if the incision is through the conjunctiva and does not injure the muscle. A sparing fat resection leads to a more natural result. Of primary importance are rest and cooling. The patient can therefore greatly improve his own result.