Meet Dr Blaschke

In the course of the 30 years of his professional career, Dr Blaschke always placed great emphasis on broad international experience.

He acquired his medical degree at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, where he received his doctorate as well. Dr Blaschke served in the world famous Cardiac Surgery Unit in Cape Town and in General Surgery and Trauma Departments in Germany and South Africa. He subsequently gained the specialisation as General Surgeon with the Munich Medical Council. The running of a large Burns Unit in South Africa, training with Hand and Brachial Plexus surgeons in South Africa and Microsurgeons in Taiwan led to an appointment in Germany´s largest Burns and Trauma Unit in Ludwigshafen. This was followed by the Department of Plastic Surgery in Duesseldorf - Kaiserswerth, which specialises in Breast and Aesthetic Surgery. Here he qualified as a Plastic Surgeon with the North-Rhine Medical Council.

Dr Blaschke used extensive visits to international centres of excellence in Plastic and Aesthetic surgery such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo to familiarise himself with the latest techniques. He subsequently added the new Plastic Surgical title with the Hamburg Medical Council. In 2012 he passed the Abu Dhabi Plastic Surgical Consultancy.

With his international background, he maintains multiple personal contacts with Plastic Surgeons all over the world. This enables him to stay ahead of the rapid progress in his field. Dr Blaschke regularly shares his experience with his colleagues in the course of international meetings. He is a member of the German Association of Plastic Surgeons (DGPRAEC) and of the Cyprus Association of Plastic Surgeons ( CYSPRAS ) He is furthermore a member of ISAPS, the international umbrella organisation only open to Plastic Surgeons with a proven record in Aesthetic surgery.